How to edit a ticket

Only the person who placed the order can edit the ticket as its under their account.

These instructions is if you need to update your details of the ticket.

If you need to change events or transfer to another person please visit our FAQ.


****There is no sound in the video****
1. Goto and click on “My Account”

2. This is where the person who originally placed the order can log into there account to view tickets and change some details.

3. Once logged in as shown in the video. Next to your order on the right hand side is a cog wheel.
Click on this and there will be an option “Change Order”. Click on this to goto the next screen.

4.Once on the next screen click on Change Information.

5.Here your existing tickets will be listed. All tickets have already been moved to October.
Click on “Edit” next to the ticket you wish to change.

6. Scroll down to “Please select a Wave Time” and click on it.

7. Fill in the waiver release if promoted and click on update information.

8.a Green box will appear at the bottom to complete the changes. Click on this

And your done.

Is the event safe?

Yes, however like all adventure style challenges there are risks associated with this style of event and all participants will need to sign a waiver form prior to taking part.

View Waiver


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