How to edit a ticket

Only the person who placed the order can edit the ticket as its under their account.

Please note you can’t edit the following information.
If you are trying to  fix the following information will need to email us at to update if any are incorrect.
But if you are trying to transfer to another person, please visit our FAQ on Transferring ticket(s) to another person.

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. email address
  4. Date of birth

You can update the following using these instructions.

  1. Phone number
  2. Gender
  3. Team(create a team, join team or no team)
  4. change day / wave time to what is available. available is what is listed in the dropdown box.
  5. post code
  6. emergency contact name and number


****There is no sound in the video****
1. Goto and click on “My Account”

2. This is where the person who originally placed the order can log into there account to view tickets and change some details.

3. Once logged in as shown in the video. Next to your order on the right hand side is a cog wheel.
Click on this and there will be an option “Change Order”. Click on this to goto the next screen.

4.Once on the next screen click on Change Information.

5.Here your existing tickets will be listed. All tickets have already been moved to October.
Click on “Edit” next to the ticket you wish to change.

6. Some fields are grayed out and unable to be changed. If anyone these fields are incorrect please email us so we can correct it.(This information is our covid register)
Scroll down to “Please select a Wave Time” and click on it.
As shown in the video this is where the new events we have created are listed and how many spots are remaining.
We will open waves up as the first waves fill to a max of 4 waves of 100 people for the micro events other than the 1st of August which will only have 2 waves of 100.

7. Fill in the waiver release if promoted and click on update information.

8.a Green box will appear at the bottom to complete the changes. Click on this

And your done.

Is the event safe?

Yes, however like all adventure style challenges there are risks associated with this style of event and all participants will need to sign a waiver form prior to taking part.

View Waiver


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