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Numinbah Valley, QLD

October 14th & October 15th, 2017

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Fun Obstacle Course For All Fitness Levels on the Sunny Gold Coast

Introducing our improved 8km Obstacle event on the Sunny Gold Coast. We know Queenslanders are some of the toughest obstacle racers on the planet. That’s why we decided to put them to the ultimate test. Challenge yourself and tackle this 8km course with 40+ insane obstacles and loads of muddy terrain! This course is designed to test all fitness levels and be a whole lot of fun. It’s a great family fun atmosphere with a designated youth wave for those challengers aged between 7 -10 years. We welcome individuals and encourage teams to battle it out and help each other conquer this epic course. We will have music, along with tasty food and cold drinks. All the ingredients needed for an awesome day in the sun!



Saturday 8:30am – 3:00pm: Competitive, Adult, Youth, Volunteer

Sunday 8:40am – 3:00pm: Adult, Youth, Volunteer

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Saturday Tickets

Inclusive 10% GST on all pricing

Ticket Type Closing Date Competitive Adult Youth/Supervisor
 Early Bird  2nd April
 $74.00  $56.00  $30.00
 Second Release  1st June
 $85.00  $67.00  $40.00
 Third Release 31st August
 $95.00  $72.00  $45.00
 Fourth Release  28th September
 $106.00  $82.00  $45.00
 Last Release  12th October
 $112.00  $94.00  $45.00
On the Day 14th October
$100.00 $50.00
Sunday Tickets

Inclusive 10% GST on all pricing

Ticket Type Closing Date Adult Youth/Supervisor
 Early Bird  2nd April
 $56.00  $35.00
 Second Release  1st June
 $67.00  $40.00
 Third Release  31st August
 $72.00  $45.00
 Fourth Release  28th September
 $82.00  $45.00
 Last Release  12th October
 $94.00  $45.00
On the Day 15th October
$100.00 $50.00

Wave Schedule

Saturday 14th October 2017

  • Competitive Wave: starts at 8:30am
  • Social waves: every 15 minutes from 8:45am to 12.00pm
  • Youth Waves: 12:00pm and 12:15pm

Sunday 15th October 2017

  • Social Waves: every 15 minutes from 8:45am to 12:00pm
  • Youth waves: 12:15pm

Entry Fee Includes

  • Head Band

  • Dog tag

  • 8km course

  • Hard earned drink

  • Music

Ticket Types

Take the challenge to the next level with our competitive category (Adults only). The competition starts at 8:30am, with cash prizes (and a lifetime glory) for the top places.

1st male & female = $700

2nd male & female = $300

3rd male & female = $100

4th male & female = prize pack

5th male & female = prize pack

For ages 11+. Non-competitive, but don’t let that stop you from breaking records!

Ages 7 – 10.

Getting There

The Numinbah Valley is a valley along the South East of the Gold Coast! A perfect location for new and conditioned Challengers! Featuring fantastic tracks around mountain, rainforest and river scenery! You are sure to get the experience of a lifetime.

2201 Nerang-Murwillumbah Road Numinbah Valley. Qld 4211.

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By Car

40 minutes from the Gold Coast via Nerang Murwillumbah Rd / State route 97


Parking is available at each event for a cost of $10 per car.

See FAQs


See the obstacles that make this a challenge not to be misses

View Course & Obstacles


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Transferring ticket(s) to another person2021-09-21T10:18:28+10:00

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Can i bring my drone?2019-10-23T22:59:16+10:00

Unfortunately no.
We have thousands of competitors and at times our own drones up to help make sure everyone is safe.

Can i bring my Dog?2021-02-24T16:17:31+10:00

Unfortunately no. Not even if it’s on a lead.

We have farm dogs that freely roam.

I forgot my account password2021-02-24T16:14:42+10:00

I forgot my account password and when i click it to get a email sent i don’t receive it!!!!!!!!

There is a good chance it’s in your junk / spam folder.

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When do i get my tickets?2021-02-24T16:18:08+10:00

Your tickets are emailed out to the person who placed the order on completion of checkout.
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Can i get a refund?2020-03-16T22:34:47+10:00

No, sorry we cannot issue refunds under any circumstances. If the event has to be cancelled due to natural disaster, acts of God, terrorism, war or any other reason deemed reasonable by the event organizers, the event will be re-scheduled where possible. No refunds will be issued, however the credit will be transferred to the new event if a medical certificate can be provided.

Will the event be cancelled due to bad weather?2016-11-19T17:48:37+10:00

The events will go ahead regardless of most weather conditions. In the event of an extreme condition such as lightning, hail or extreme storms the event may need to be delayed for a period of time. Fortunately, we find that events can be even more fun in the rain!

Can spectators attend?2021-02-24T16:10:19+10:00

Please note all attendees including spectators must Purchase a ticket to comply with Covid19 contact tracing.

  All spectators must sign a waiver before being allowed entry.

What is the Youth wave?2021-02-24T16:18:42+10:00

The Youth Wave is a separate course, approximately 3 km to 4 km having 15 to 20 obstacles. This course is for challengers aged 7 to 10 years old. A dedicated parent or (guardian, who is over 18 years old), may supervise from 1 to 4 youths. They MUST supervise the youths over the ENTIRE youth wave course. All competitors and adults in the youth wave course must wear a youth wave wristband or they WILL be removed from the course. Youth found running unaccompanied, WILL also be removed from participating in the course . All parents/guardians running in this youth wave MUST purchase a youth wave ticket, REGARDLESS of already running a different wave on the day as it is considered to be a separate course. This course is not a multiple lap course. It is the supervising adult’s responsibility to ensure that the young person in their control is capable of safely performing each task and complying with all directions and course route. Any obstacle may be bypassed at the parent’s discretion.

Do i need to know how to swim?2016-11-19T17:45:41+10:00

Participants should be able to swim 50m independently as selected courses will include water crossings along the course. Participants who are uncomfortable with this can elect to bypass the obstacle.

Where do i park?2016-11-19T17:42:14+10:00

Parking is available at each event for a cost of $10 per car. In order to minimise our environmental impact and for the ease of all participants we strongly recommend car-pooling to minimise the traffic flow.

Can i get pictures?2021-02-24T16:16:54+10:00

There will be a photographer on the day that will be taking photos. These images will be available at
You are also welcome to take your own photos however be mindful that cameras may get damaged.

Food & drinks2021-02-24T16:11:01+10:00

Yes, a variety of food will be available for purchase at each event. Alcohol will be available to purchase on the day for those over 18 years of age. To purchase alcohol you must have photo ID. You are not permitted to bring your own alcohol to any event.

Are showers available?2020-07-29T04:29:03+10:00

Yes, there will be a free wash off zone provided at each event to allow participants to wash off, get changed and enjoy the other festivities.
Social distancing rules must be adhered to.

What do i bring?2021-02-24T16:22:24+10:00

A bag tent will be provided but it will be self serve with social distancing observed a all times.

Please leave any thing of value in your locked vehicle

You must bring Photo ID with you on the day. If you do not have a drivers licence, then any other photo ID is acceptable. We will provide a unmanned bag check area where you can store a change of clothes and towels, but please leave valuables at home as we will not take responsibility for any items that may be lost or damaged in these holding facilities. Food and beverage will be sold at the event. Photo ID will be asked for upon purchasing alcohol.

  • Change of clothes
  • Towel
  • Cash (for merchandise and drinks)
How old do i need to be?2019-10-24T10:12:19+10:00

How old do I need to be?

Participants must be at least 11 years of age to participate in a adult wave. Children aged between 7 and 10 can run a shortened course when accompanied by a supervising adult.

Important! For insurance purposes, ID will be checked for everyone (including under 18’s) participating in the main event.

Please note that for all under 18’s the guardian is required to sign the waiver.

The Waiver is a legal document and by signing this you are declaring the child meets the age requirements and that there date of birth listed on the ticket is correct.

How do i edit a ticket?2021-05-21T10:06:40+10:00

Please visit

Do i need to be fit?2016-11-19T17:31:46+10:00

There are no time restrictions to complete the course. The event is a challenge of strength, endurance and determination and is suitable for anyone regardless of their fitness level and looking for a great experience to remember. It is best to ensure that you are able to walk the selected distance without long breaks to ensure your ability to complete each course.

What should i wear?2016-11-19T17:30:49+10:00

Wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty or losing: Or if you want to be a little bit crazy dress up to stand out as an individual, or collectively to identify a sporting or corporate team that you are representing.

Will there be water stations?2016-11-19T17:30:03+10:00

Yes, there will be a number of water stations along each course and at finish lines. It is encouraged that participants carry with them water and water bottle carriers for their own personal use. These can be replenished at the drink stations around the course.

Is the event safe?2019-10-29T02:38:17+10:00

Yes, however like all adventure style challenges there are risks associated with this style of event and all participants will need to sign a waiver form prior to taking part.
Download the waiver here.
First Aid personnel will be present on day of the event.
It is recommended that you hold your own personal accident and ambulance cover. If Participants do not feel comfortable with any obstacle they should choose to bypass them.


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