Transferring a ticket to someone else will incur a $10 admin fee plus any service charges. Please note that only the person who places the order can transfer a ticket and once the transfer has been confirmed it can’t be undone.

If your ticket has a $0.00 value no transfer option will show in your account.

The person who placed the order can go into their account and do the following.

1. Sign into your account
2. Find your order you wish to change.

3. Click on the cog wheel to the right of the order and click on change order.
4. Click on Transfer ticket(s) to a friend.
5. Find the ticket you wish to transfer and enter in the new attendees email address.
     If you have multiple tickets. Either click on Yes and enter in the email address or click on no then next on each ticket

The new attendee will be sent a unique promotion code that will allow them to checkout and fill in all the new details.

NOTE. If the ticket was originally purchased at a cheaper price point than what the tickets are currently now, the system will want to charge the difference.
You will need to contact us with the transfer email you received that shows the redemption code so we can manually adjust it. We will not refund the difference if you choose to pay it.