Our Youth course is for those youngsters 7 – 10 years of age and they must be accompanied by an adult (18+) supervisor at all times. This course is approximately 4km, with 30+ fun obstacles.

Youth wave rules:

Youth wave ticketed participants MUST be accompanied throughout the entirety of the course by an adult that has purchased a youth supervisor ticket, this ticket allows the supervisor responsibility for 1 – 4 youth participants, maximum.

NO youth is allowed to participate on this course unaccompanied at any stage, it is the direct responsibility of the adult supervisor to safely control and guide their charges together around this course from start to finish.  Any youth found unsupervised will be removed from the course.

The Youth course IS NOT a multiple lap course.

Obstacles are not compulsory on our challenge courses, so the choice lies with participants and their supervisors to either tackle an obstacle, or go around them, the object at the end of the day is always to enjoy the outdoor experience.